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Ricoh UK sees 1000 requests for follow-on financial education workshops since scheme launch

Category: Financial Awareness Published: Sunday, 10 July 2016 Written by Chance Allen

Ricoh UKhas seen its employees request some 1,000 financial education follow-on workshops since the launch of its financial awareness programme.

The global technology organisationintroduced Make Your Money Count financial awareness presentations, provided by Secondsight, for its2,500 UK-based employees at the end of 2015.

Thus far, around a quarter of employees have taken part in thefinancial education and wellbeing programme, which is designed to empower staff to be proactive with their money.

In addition to group sessions, since January 2016, staffhave also been able to access the presentations via WebEx.

Employees can then decide whether to attend a more detailed workshop on a specific area of financial wellbeing, such as cash flow forecasting or estate planning.

There are also workshops tailored for younger employees, with sessions on how to manage money after university and how to buy a first home.

If employees want further financial advice, they are referred to a concierge service, provided by Foster Denovo, for more personalised support.

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