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Protect older property owners from real estate scams

Category: Real Estate Published: Friday, 24 June 2016 Written by Chance Allen

If veteran scam artist Rolando Pam had tried to pull off one of his signature real estate frauds in Maine, hed face more obstacles than he has in Boston. That state has a unique law protecting older property owners, who are most likely to fall victim to real estate swindles like Pams. Sadly, Pam and his family members arent the only scammers targeting vulnerable homeowners in Massachusetts, and the Commonwealth should consider enacting a law like Maines.

Pam and members of his family, whose shameless exploits were documented in a two-part series in the Globe, have managed to obtain a string of properties in Roxbury and Dorchester at suspiciously low prices, often from older sellers. Once, according to a judges ruling, Kyle Pam deceived a widow into selling him her pristine home for just $100 after her husband died. In another case, Kyle Pam allegedly dropped off a 69-year-old widow at a shelter after he took possession of her house.


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